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Now a days carrying a protein powder in your store whether online or brick and mortar is a key component to a successful business. Protein powder in any flavor goes far beyond the athletes of yesteryears that drink it as a form to bulk and lean out. Today the everyday person is the one that drinks the protein powder. Reason being is that in today’s society it is very difficult to stop and get a quick and easy meal that is healthy for you. In general it is also difficult to get enough protein in our day. The alternative is the shake with flavor of your choice that will kill two birds with one stone. It hardly takes anytime to put some milk or water in a shaker cup and shake up the protein powder to taste.By private labeling protein powder and adding it to your store you will bring in customers by giving them an option to get everything in one place and you will keep those customers because it has your name on it, there is no one to undercut your pricing and entice them to purchase the same product elsewhere for a lesser pricing. For more information on the benefits or process of private label protein powder contact an account manager today at 800-795-7161.





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How Protein Powders Have Changed

The horrible taste of grit that used to be common combined with the tendency to make people sick is a thing of the past and the common use of protein powder is reflecting that fact. No longer is it those who are so dedicated to fitness that it is their entire life who are drinking protein shakes it is the soccer mom at the store or the grandpa trying to stay healthy in his later years. This makes it a niche product to have because it will drastically help with customer retention.The advancement of protein powder has even gone above and beyond just quality and texture. The taste has expanding to flavors most of us would never have thought about even 10-15 years ago such as: Cinnamon roll, cake batter, and even rocky road ice cream or mocha cappuccino. People now cook with protein powders to make what would be considered an unhealthy treat to a high protein balance so you can eat your treat guilt free!


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